Meet the Maker


My name is Amy and I am the owner/maker behind Ameow Designs.

I am a self-taught jewellery maker with a love of constantly experimenting and creating. I specialise in handmade resin jewellery and accessories inspired by nature and containing real flowers and plants. This venture started as an outlet for me to have more opportunities to be creative when I found that I was not making enough time to do what I love in my every day life.

As a self confessed lover of handmade creative goodness and costume jewellery. I was inspired to start making jewellery when I found I was drawn to certain designs but it didn’t quite have the uniqueness I desired. I was then motivated to making, taking my creations to independent craft markets and refining the collections.  When I saw fellow jewellery lovers also appreciating handmade craft and the designs of using resin and dried flowers, I was hooked and I take so much joy from meeting the people who sees the beauty in each piece  and wear my little creative makes.

My designs have consisted of real flowers from day 1, and from then I have refined, and changed my designs through time. By creatively experimenting, I update the designs by offering fresh modern designs, colour combinations, and different methods and processes of making. It’s all fun!

Totally drawn with capturing the essence of nature and time with adventurous collections making whimsical and wearable pieces for both everyday wear and statement jewellery, perfect for special occasions. The jewellery I create endevours to capture nature and abstractness, and most importantly to remind us to be in the moment.

The various collections encapsulate nature in unique one off pieces containing real flowers. I work with a variety of flowers and plants, such as delphiniums, roses, daisies, hydrangeas, gypsophilas, ranunculuses, anne’s lace, dandelion seeds, ferns, amaryllis. I have total fascination with how each piece of jewellery comes out differently, and this is evident when it goes through all the processes. Each piece of jewellery is distinct as each flower is different, as Mother Nature intended, but they are each distinctive and equally as beautiful.